A day in Porvoo

Hello guys! In this blogpost, we are talking about the next city I visited whilst my staying in Finland, Porvoo. I must add that Porvoo was my favorite one out of all the cities due to its cute houses and stores. Following my last blogpost, we left Savonlinna with the bus to go to Helsinki,… Continue reading A day in Porvoo


A day in Savonlinna

Hello guys. I’ve promised you for a while now that I’d write a blogpost about my trip to Finland. As I wrote before in my blog here, I was in Finland for 5 months as an exchange student and it was the greatest experience I’ve witnessed so far in my life and I’m feeling blue… Continue reading A day in Savonlinna

Studying in Finland for a semester

Well, hello everyone!! First of all, I want to apologize for not being active these last couple weeks. I joined the Erasmus+ program for the spring semester 2017 and I did not have an internet access the first week and I was trying to settle in. Well, where do I start. Since I was a… Continue reading Studying in Finland for a semester

Appreciating Life – Winter Walk

“So I show appreciation for the little gifts that have been handed to me.” - Terrence Howard The new year is officially here and I wanted to get out of the crowded house, get away from the people, the parties and other social gatherings and I did my favorite thing I like to do, I… Continue reading Appreciating Life – Winter Walk