Reasons To Stay Alive

Hey guys! How are you? Hope, you are all doing well. The reason of this blog post today is because of some topical news that I’ve read this morning and they messed me up. I’ve always cared and showed interest in mental health issues because I’m dealing with some of them myself. And what I’ve… Continue reading Reasons To Stay Alive

Chaotic Nights

I kept starring at the horizon with you by my side, my feet swallowed by the sand, your hands into mine. All we could hear was the silence, the waves embracing the shore, some birds singing their lullabies and two hearts falling apart. The stars were dancing at the sky, begging us to join, but… Continue reading Chaotic Nights

Stop Procrastinating + Study Tips

Hello guys! I don’t even know why I am writing this post… I’m not an expert and the irony is that I procrastinate a lot. Maybe that’s the reason actually. Writing this post, not only I wish to help other procrastinators out there but also myself. First of all, we need to realize the reason… Continue reading Stop Procrastinating + Study Tips


Piece of mine, you got lost in a world you thought you knew. The city suffocated what was left of you. I want to apologise for what I’ve put you through. You didn’t deserve all this pain. I wish I knew better. You were burned in a fire, you lit up yourself. -S.D Follow me… Continue reading Self-Apology


She’s been protective of her fragile heart for so long. She doesn’t want to let go of her guards just yet. There’s too much to lose. She’s still collecting the pieces that she left here and there. Still looking for redemption. Don’t be mad at her. She cares. She’s just shattered and scared. -S.D Follow… Continue reading Fragile