The Hospital

A white building
full of beating hearts
desperate for the cure
for the disease
that fell upon us.

Mesauring our health
and pricing our worth
with numbers.

These walls know
everybody’s secrets
pain and prayers.

Strangers become
something more
seeking for a hand
to hold
to relate
in these times
of inevitable ache.

Pawns in this game
of endless madness
we didn’t choose
to play.

Standing in the middle
of this chaos
I’m neither lost or found.

-Styliana xxx

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8 thoughts on “The Hospital”

  1. […] The hospital by Styliana Dimitriou – This post is so visual, relatable and beautifully written. I’ve never put much thought into hospital’s before, they’ve always just been there 😂. They have become the second home I grew up hating but never really realizing how much actually goes on in those walls. How much the building itself see’s. A place with the intention of healing and helping that can oddly do the very opposite and leave you feeling worse off than before entering those doors. […]


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