A day in Porvoo

Hello guys!

In this blogpost, we are talking about the next city I visited whilst my staying in Finland, Porvoo. I must add that Porvoo was my favorite one out of all the cities due to its cute houses and stores.

Following my last blogpost, we left Savonlinna with the bus to go to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We were staying in Helsinki for three nights. The trip to Helsinki took us around four hours and by the time we reached the capital, it was around 23:00. We checked in at the apartment we were staying, ate something quick we bought from the local supermarkets and went straight to bed for the next day’s excursion, Porvoo.

The next day we woke up at 8:00 am, we ate whatever leftovers we had from previous days, got ready and went to the bus station once again. The trip to the Porvoo was for only an hour. The day was so lovely, the sun was shining so bright and everything was beautiful, so we started wondering around.

2017-03-05 03.15.15 1DSC_1401DSC_1416DSC_1445DSC_1471DSC_15002017-03-05 05.12.18 1DSC_15052017-03-05 03.16.31 12017-03-05 05.10.40 1DSC_1527DSC_1581DSC_1589DSC_1595DSC_1615

After we took several random photos of all those cute houses and stores we came across with, we were starving and we decided to go to a local restaurant that offered typical Finnish food. And let me tell you, the restaurant was very cozy, pretty, fancy and expensive but I kind of forgot to take any pictures ahahah but I did take photos of our food. We ordered for starters this plate that I don’t quite remember what it was DSC_1537.JPGΒ but I do remember that it was delicious and as for the main dishes we ordered salmon and sweetfish with some typical salad and sauce. It tasted like heaven, no kidding. I loved it. However, the whole starter and main dishes were quite expensive for me. I remember spending 30 euros on it. Oops!


After we had our Finnish lunch, we started wondering around some more whilst waiting for our time to leave. We arrived back to Helsinki and again we went to the closest supermarket to buy some groceries to make dinner. We ended up having pasta.

Finally, after this another one long day we were exhausted. We took our showers and went to bed because we had to wake up real early the next morning to go to our next destination that you will find out in my next blogpost.

Thanks for sticking around and reading guys!

Talk to you soon xxx

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