A day in Savonlinna

Hello guys. I’ve promised you for a while now that I’d write a blogpost about my trip to Finland.

As I wrote before in my blog here, I was in Finland for 5 months as an exchange student and it was the greatest experience I’ve witnessed so far in my life and I’m feeling blue now that it came to an end. I have met some extraordinary people, I shaped myself in a way I didn’t think it was possible, I gained so many new memories and I feel like I grew up as a person.

During my exchange semester, I got the chance to travel around Finland and Estonia with a few people I have met there, one French girl, one German girl and a friend of mine.


The first city we visited was Savonlinna and Savonlinna is what we are talking about today in this blogpost.

From Kajaani (the place I stayed to), we took a train to our first destination. We were on the train for 8 hours. We started around 12:00 and we got there around 20:00. It was a tiring journey but it was worth it. Moreover, I come from a country that trains do not exist because we are a small country with short distances and trains are not necessary and obviously I got so excited that I got on a train. I’m a dork haha.

As soon as we arrived in Savonlinna, we checked in the hotel we booked for a night beforehand, left our luggage in our rooms and got outside to look around and find something to eat, no matter how exhausted we were.

The following day, we woke up early in the morning, we have had our breakfast in the hotel and then headed outside again. At the beginning of the day, the weather was cloudy and it was kind of cold but as the day went on, the sun came out and it was so pretty.


We walked around for a while till we found the Olavinlinna castle we were looking for. We bought an entrance ticket and a person who worked there, showed us around and explained various things and facts about the castle. We’ve even been told that a room in the castle is haunted and I freaked out hahaha.


After a tiring and long day, we got on the bus to leave Savonlinna and visit the next destination that I will write about in a following blogpost.

Thank you for reading guys! Talk to you soon xxx

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6 thoughts on “A day in Savonlinna”

  1. First off, these pictures are so amazing! Which camera did you use to take these photos? I’m in love! 😍 And I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I come from a place where there aren’t any trains too. In fact I don’t even think I remember the last time I went on a train haha so I’d probably be as excited as you were. 😅 Can’t wait to read of your journeys ahead. ❤️

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