My whole life,
all I ever learnt
was how to stay away
from people like you.

With your bruised knuckles,
you knocked down my walls,
captivated by your ghosts,
I needed more.

And with your hands
between my thighs,
I forgot religion
and believes.

You held me with your kiss
and all I did was bleed.
The sky was on fire,
my heart burning with desire.

How something so wrong,
can feel so right?

You are bad for me
but, you are all I want.


7 thoughts on “Forbidden”

  1. I liked the way you’ve written’s cute. How something so wrong can feel so right? You’re bad for me but you’re all I want..but when it’s bad, it’s wise to let go. That’s my opinion. I enjoyed reading it though. Thank you for your continuous support on my blog.

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