Stop Procrastinating + Study Tips

Hello guys!

I don’t even know why I am writing this post… I’m not an expert and the irony is that I procrastinate a lot. Maybe that’s the reason actually. Writing this post, not only I wish to help other procrastinators out there but also myself.

First of all, we need to realize the reason behind our procrastination. Mine I think is failure. I am afraid of failure. It’s like there’s something in my head that blocks out everything I have to do because I know that if I do them I will fail anyway, so I don’t. Another reason is that I have so many essays, reports and assignments I need to do these days but I don’t know where to start, so I don’t, thinking that by avoiding them, they will go away. Stupid, I know.

So here are the tips I notice are working for me, I hope so for you.

Tip 1:

Find your place. I am the type of person that can’t work on silence. I need to be around people and it’s kind of ironic for an introvert like me. I work better when I am around people and not alone in my room. I need space, I need a place with good vibes, good design. The best place for me are local cafes. I usually sit in a spot where I can either see outside or see the whole café. There is noise but it works for me, I don’t do quiet when I’m studying, it feels suffocating for some reason.

Another place for me is the library. There are plenty of books there that I can easily have access to that help me with my essays and there are people there as well, so I don’t feel alone. And again, because I don’t like quiet, I listen to the type of music I like to listen to while I’m studying through my headphones.

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If you like staying at home for your studying, I suggest you to work in a clean environment. If you study in your room for example, it is better to be tidy and clean. It helps, trust me. If it is messy it will be distracting.

Tip 2:

Have a snack or a drink. Wherever you are doing your studying it is always a good idea to have a snack or a drink near you. When I was in high school I was doing so much studying that I sometimes forgot to eat or drink, yes I did that (don’t know how it was possible) and that was not healthy, of course. Now I eat a lot and if I don’t have a snack or drink next to me while I’m studying, I get distracted and have to visit my fridge all the time, making me waste time.

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Tip 3:

Write everything you have to do down. Don’t keep it all in your head, you will leave something behind. Moreover, seeing things written down on a paper will be a constant reminder of what you have to do.

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Tip 4:

Get away from social media. Well, I know this is so hurt to do but we all have to. Turn off your internet connection, turn off the notifications and put your phone in the other way of the room if that’s possible. But if you can’t do that, then at least use your phone for a good purpose. That leads me to my fifth tip.

Tip 5:

Apps. If you can’t escape your phone, I’ve got you some good apps that you can use. These apps won’t stop your procrastination really, but they are good for studying in general. These apps I know are available for android users, can’t swear for iOS or whatever else operating systems there are out there.

  • Alarmy (SleepIfYouCan): Now this alarm has literally saved my life. You have no idea how many times I overslept by snoozing my alarm but with this, I have to get up. It won’t stop ringing unless you either take a specific photo, solve a problem and more.
  • Study Music: I always listen to this when I study. Basically, it is an app with different music and binaural beats according on what mode you are on; focus, study, read, memorize, solve, learn, create, think, imagine.
  • Study Agenda: This app is perfect for writing down the school timetables, courses you have and various events.
  • Genius Scan – PDF Scanner: I think its name says it all. It basically scans all your documents into pdf.
  • Dropbox/iCloud/Google Drive: We all need some short off a file storage.
  • Duolingo: Okay, this is completely random and a bonus app. If you want to learn a new language in the comfort of your home, this is the best app for you.


Tip 6 (Mostly for myself):

Just do it. It won’t go away by avoiding it. It will be there, it will stress you out and you will pressure yourself by doing it the night before even though you could do it nights before and you could have some relaxation that night. Do it because it will go away eventually. Do it because you want that degree. Do it because you want to achieve your goals.


I hope you enjoyed this post guys. Please give your own ‘how to stop procrastinating’ and study tips. It could be very useful for me and other readers.

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10 thoughts on “Stop Procrastinating + Study Tips”

    1. The alarm app is amazing..I was not kidding when I said it saved me 😂 I work better when I’m under pressure too that’s why I feel better studying when I’m around people and people make me anxious hahah


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