Appreciating Life – Winter Walk

“So I show appreciation for the little gifts that have been handed to me.” – Terrence Howard

The new year is officially here and I wanted to get out of the crowded house, get away from the people, the parties and other social gatherings and I did my favorite thing I like to do, I went for a walk. I took on the road with my sister and brothers to a Salt Lake, to relax, to talk, to appreciate and welcome this new year.


I don’t know if you have read my ‘Saying Goodbye to 2016’ post but I think I made it clear that from now on I don’t want to waste any more time, I want to observe and learn the world. I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone and I sure as heck don’t want to stay the same person I used to be. I want to travel and take photographs, get inspired and write my heart out.


When in our excursion, I got to see how small we are in front of all this big world we live in. I got to realize that we see miracles every day, but we refuse to see them. Every dawn is a new beginning, every sunset reminds us that every ending can be beautiful, the ocean shows us the never ending journey we can take and the coast is a place where we can find our home.


God gave us so much beauty and everything we need is somewhere out there but either we don’t see them or we use them in the wrong way. And it’s sad, really. There are so many people who get an overrated pay where there are people who are starving themselves. It’s sad to think that we can fund wars, but can’t feed the poor or give a home to the homeless. It’s sad to think people are being materialistic and can’t see the true meaning of life and appreciate everything that has been given to them and they always ask for more.


I love and appreciate the winter. I love the feeling of the cold breeze on my face. Everything is slowly reborn. So just take a look around and see how lucky you are to be alive right now.




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